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Edu Prime School's Vision and Mission

Published : 20 January 2020

Our Vission

To be an internationally children educare school, to serve comprehensive education, to be 21st generation leadership skill, empowered by good character.

Our Missions

  1. Encourage teachers and students to apply ethical and moral values in a spirit of international awareness and understanding in order to responsible as global citizens.
  2. Develop an active independent learning method and learning process to develop competency of students, teachers and others staff.
  3. Use a situation nurturing the development of intelligence, talent, creativity and discipline.

Our Values

  1. Professional and spritual life development
  2. Respect, love and caring to others
  3. Invoke for excellent by hard and smart work
  4. Maintain and grow together as a wonderfull team
  5. Established honesty and truth in action

Our Believes

  1. we believe that existense of Edu Prime School is god’s plan to develop an excellent generations in indonesia.
  2. we believe that our existense should become a blessing for others, to bring them happiness and goodness.
  3. we believe that through continuous improvement we become an empowered and be one of the leader in educare organizations.

Our Mascot

"LION" If lion become a king of jungle, man must become a leader of society

Our Philosophy